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The 4 Types of 1031 Exchanges for Real Estate

Many people think that a 1031 Exchange of real estate can only occur through the process of a delayed exchange. However, there are actually four common methods for real estate exchanges that allow investors to transfer the equity from one investment property towards the acquisition of another, without paying any capital gains tax. Work with […]

Delaware Statutory Trust Advantages

Delaware statutory trusts offer a number of potential advantages to investors. When used correctly, it can be a powerful tool for building and preserving wealth. Let’s discuss and list the most popular advantages for investors using DSTs for their 1031 exchange. Free yourself from the three Ts of active management: Since they offer the potential […]

How DSTs Can Potentially Absorb Rental Property Losses

One of the potential benefits of DSTs is that they are considered to “Passive Income Generators” or “PIGS” for short. In this blog, we will discuss how income from DSTs can offset losses that many rental property owners may experience. Investors will realize a rental loss if the income from their properties is not enough […]

5 Common Real Estate Investment Risks and How to Avoid Them

Real estate investments are risky by nature, but there are ways to mitigate your risk and reap the rewards that can be realized. Those who invest in real estate wisely can potentially find additional passive income as well as financial freedom and independence. While the lure of passive income may sound appealing, real estate isn’t […]

Growing Rent Control Movement Impacts Landlords

While landlords across the US have been enjoying increasing rents and property appreciation as result of the recent real estate boom, a growing national rent control movement is causing many landlords to rethink holding on to properties in impacted areas. Landlords in California are growing especially nervous as momentum is building to repeal the Costa-Hawkins […]


Deferral of Capital Gains Tax: Investing in a like-kind property permits owners to postpone their capital gains tax after selling a property. This is the primary reason why real estate investors use 1031 exchanges. DST’s packaged structure has captured the attention of industry because it allows investors to close business deals in 3-5 days which […]

What is Tenants In Common?

There are many different, complex concepts involved in the field of real estate business, but one key term that you need to be aware of is Tenants in Common (TIC). In case you are wondering, what is Tenants in Common, have no fear: at First Guardian Group, we have the information you need to master […]

Net Leasing Trends in Commercial Real Estate

A net lease rental property requires the tenant pay for some or all the property expenses that would normally be paid by the rental property owner. Tenants who have a single net lease pay only the property taxes in addition to rent. Tenants with a double net lease pay the property taxes and insurance premiums. […]