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Upcoming Events



11:00 AM


721 Exchanges with John Bacigalupi of Cantor Fitzgerald

Guest Speaker: Paul Getty, John Bacigalupi
Covered Topics:

  • What is a 721 exchange?
  • 721 exchanges versus a 1031 exchange
  • Unique benefits of a 721 exchange
  • Important differences between 721 exchange options
  • Case studies

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Past Events



11:00 AM


Real Estate Investment Trends in 2023

Guest Speaker: Paul Getty, Louis Rogers, Ralph Bunje
Covered Topics:

  • Where is the smart money currently being invested in real estate?
  • What the most favorable real estate investments?
  • Which real estate investments are losing popularity with investors?
  • Which US regions are posed for best overall returns and why?
  • How will rising interest rates impact real estate investing?
  • Status of the 1031 exchange – here to stay or gone tomorrow?
  • Advice to “mom and pop” investors

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