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At FGG1031, the team is made up of experienced real estate and investment professionals who understand the complex dynamics of the market. Their expertise extends beyond traditional areas and delves into innovative areas such as independent bookmakers online. Using their deep understanding of the financial landscape, these professionals recognize the growing opportunities in digital betting. Understanding the nuances of risk management and strategic investment, they navigate the online betting market with the same precision and insight as they do the real estate market. With a proven track record in real estate and investment, they approach the digital betting arena with a careful strategy to maximize profits and minimize risks. Their deep understanding of market trends and consumer behavior allows them to identify lucrative opportunities in the online betting industry.
Per Internal Revenue Code Section 1031, an investor can defer capital gains tax and depreciation recapture by reinvesting the proceeds from the sale of investment property into a “like-kind” replacement property. Thus, the full amount of any sales proceeds can be re-invested and thereby providing added potential income while preserving and growing wealth in their estate. The potential tax savings can be very significant since the sale of real estate can result in the following tax obligations: 1031 Exchange deferrals can be continued through as many exchanges as the investor wishes. Of course, if at any time the investor sells the property without reinvesting in a new property, there will be capital gains and depreciation recapture tax liability. In addition to tax deferral, a 1031 Exchange permits investors to purchase a leveraged replacement property and thus increase their basis in the amount of additional debt assumed. This allows for additional depreciation pass-through which can shelter as much as 50% to 60% of the rental income cash flow from income taxation. With the possibility of additional return from appreciation of the property, the after-tax return on investment on an annualized basis can be even greater. A 1031 tax-deferred exchange can be used as a powerful wealth-building tool, but a professional tax advisor should be utilized to ensure that every requirement of Section 1031 is met. Failure to do this can result in immediate tax liabilities and associated penalties. In addition, the strict timeline and procedure requirements for a proper 1031 Exchange must be followed to the letter.

1031 Exchange Accommodators

The following are 1031 Exchange accommodators that have assisted our clients on past 1031 transactions. Each accommodator is fully licensed and bonded and can assist in exchanges nationwide.

Ralph B. Bunje, Jr.
Independent Exchange Services, Inc.
Reverse Exchange Services, Inc.
(415) 782-5201
(415) 987-5431 Cell

Ralph B. Bunje, Jr.

Ronald Ricard
Investment Property Exchange Services, Inc.
(877) 747-7875

Ronald Ricard

James Callejas
Vice President | Major Accounts | Certified Exchange Specialist®
Investment Property Exchange Services, Inc. (IPX1031)
(415) 640-0794

James Callejas

Scott Saunders
Senior Vice President
Asset Preservation Incorporated

Scott Saunders

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