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A common question that investors ask is “what are the sales costs associated with investing in DSTs as compared to traditional real estate?” Selling costs for DSTs (sometimes called “load”) are expressed as a percentage of the total cash or equity that is invested and range from 8% to 12% on average. Selling costs for traditional...
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tax deferment
Many investors who are planning to save taxes via a 1031 Exchange fail to fully follow IRS guidelines and end up with tax liabilities that could be avoided. Let’s review the basic 1031 Exchange rules to understand the steps that must be taken to complete a 100% tax free investment. The same tax payer entity who sells the...
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I received a call from a current client who I will refer to as “Tom” at 4 pm on Good Friday afternoon while I was driving up to spend time skiing with friends at Lake Tahoe the following day. Tom indicated that he had just lost an opportunity to acquire a replacement property for a pending...
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stacks of money from diversification
With Easter weekend coming up, I am reminded about the wise old investment adage of not putting all of one’s eggs into one basket. Due to high up-front investments required to acquire quality income properties, we often see investors committing too large a portion of their net worth into too few assets. If all goes well,...
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The Delaware Statutory Trust or DST is an ownership structure that allows investors to acquire fractional interests in larger properties with full 1031 Exchange tax benefits including flow through of depreciation and expense write-offs to increase after-tax income. The DST is managed by a Trustee who is responsible for all major decision making and who also...
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