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Old couple in Retirement
Being a landlord has its challenges and there comes a point when a lifestyle change may make sense. Jim bought a Bay area apartment complex 30 years ago with an investment of $2 million and a loan of $6 million. He has since payed it off and is currently realizing net cashflow of $200,000 per year....
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home that is a dst inventory
Scarcity of attractive 1031 replacement properties. For many investors, the biggest challenge to successfully completing a DST 1031 Properties Exchange is to find a suitable replacement property. Attractive properties that receive broad exposure on public listing sites will invariably attract multiple bids and likely be won by buyers who are often willing to pay more than fair market value....
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rental properties
Many property owners can realize far greater cash flow on appreciated equity in rental properties that they own. Owners often make the mistake of calculating return on their investment by dividing current rental income by the original investment they made in the property. As an example, suppose you put a 20% down-payment of $40,000 to buy...
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women doing taxes with calculator
  In this blog, Tax Reporting for 1031 Exchanges, we will summarize required like-kind exchange tax forms and comment further about how the filing date of your taxes may impact your like king exchange time-period. The IRS requires that you complete and file IRS Form 8824 which describes your 1031 Exchange transaction along with your tax return for...
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irs paper
Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code (“IRC”) has a very long and somewhat complicated history dating all the way back to 1921.  The first income tax code was adopted by the United States Congress in 1918 as part of The Revenue Act of 1918, and did not provide for any type of tax-deferred like-kind exchange...
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