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A just-released survey from the National Association of Realtors (NAR)* confirms what we have been hearing from a growing number of our clients: a record number of residential property owners now believe this is the right time to be selling. Nationwide, the survey reported that 77% of homeowners either strongly or moderately think that now is...
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We frequently receive questions from owners of appreciated personal residences who ask us if it is possible to defer taxes on the sale of their personal homes using the 1031 Exchange. The answer which may surprise some readers is a conditional “Yes” – provided several important steps are followed which we will generally outline in this...
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Many owners of rental properties have realized significant equity appreciation during the recent real estate boom and are asking themselves “Is it now time to sell?” Based on our interaction with hundreds of rental property owners, here are the top 8 reasons that can trigger a desire to sell rental properties now. 1. Older owners Let’s...
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real estate dst agreement
While most DST investors remain in their DST investments for the full ownership cycle, situations can arise when an investor may need to sell some or all their investment prior to the sale of the entire DST. The investment period of a DST is typically 5-10 years and the trustee of the DST is solely responsible...
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The process of selecting DSTs is substantially different than investing in traditional income properties and we have seen unwary investors take on greater risks than need be due to a lack of understanding of the key differences and potential pitfalls. The following five areas are among the most common that prudent investors need be aware of...
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